Hello! Welcome to the Kidney Chronicles Blog. I am a registered nurse with the desire to educate as many people as possible on varies health topics that affect kidney disease. It is my hope that everyone who visits this blog learns information that they can use in their personal life or be able to share… Continue reading Welcome


Support Kidney Transplant Recipients

  Receiving a kidney transplant is not a cure for End Stage Renal  Disease (ESRD), but a form of treatment. Transplant recipients are required to take a class of medications called immunosuppressants, for the rest of their lives so their body does not reject the transplanted organ. Currently after 36 months, Medicare no longer pays for the… Continue reading Support Kidney Transplant Recipients

Diabetic Dilemma: Rising Insulin Costs

The American Diabetes Association is calling for Congress to address the sky rocketing price of insulin. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, the cost of insulin has risen from $231 to $736 per patient per year. If this issue is not investigated and resolved, many uninsured diabetics may face financial hardship trying to… Continue reading Diabetic Dilemma: Rising Insulin Costs